The Delicious Gift Of Chocolate

Whether it’s strong dark chocolate or creamy white dairy milk, people have been consuming chocolate for the last three millenniums. You might have your preferences but what we can all agree on is that just about everyone loves chocolate; which is why whether it’s given as a gift for Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day or birthdays, it’s always appreciated.

One of the earliest recorded examples of chocolate being given as a gift was when Louis XIV’s fiancée, Princess Maria Theresa, gifted him for their engagement with a tasteful ornate chest that was filled with chocolate in 1643. Early on in its history chocolate was something that only the wealthy could afford and having chocolate was seen as a great measure of wealth.
Nowadays, thankfully, just about everyone has access to chocolate, and if you are looking to give the gift of chocolate, you’ll be thoroughly spoilt for choice because the mouth-watering variety available is mind boggling. From boxes to bars, chocolate gifts come in so many varieties and giving someone the gift of chocolate is like giving them a little bit of happiness too because chocolate contains substances called theobromine and phenylethylamine, which stimulate the human brain to produce the chemical dopamine that provides us with a relaxed and comfortable feeling.

When giving a chocolate gift, it is always important to try and gauge what sort of chocolate the other person prefers. Some of us prefer white chocolate while others love a slightly bitter dark chocolate. You’ll find that some people like chocolate that contains cherries or other fruit and others who love a nutty chocolate. Then again, you also have people who are allergic to nuts, so a box of chocolate covered nuts may be a wrong choice!

But does a chocolate gift have to be just boxes or bars of chocolate? Of course not! There are so many types of possible chocolate gifts; what about some decadent chocolate ice-cream for your best friend or a beautiful chocolate cake to celebrate a birthday? Maybe even some creamy chocolate body paint for you and your partner to enjoy! Chocolate has so many forms, and that’s what makes it such a perfect gift idea for any occasion. Indeed, no particular time is complete without a little bit of chocolate.

Chocolate gifts are often given together with another item, and since so many things go well with chocolate, there are many options here as well. On Valentine’s Day, we often see boxes of chocolate being presented together with flowers. Indeed, chocolate and flowers (mainly roses) are quite a traditional lovers gift. Chocolate also goes well with wine or specialty coffee and this combination will always be appreciated. When giving the gift of chocolate to a person who is sick or in the hospital, it is often presented in a basket together with fruit or nuts; this is great because all these items have nutrients to boost the ill person and lift their spirits.

Whether young or old, male or female, chocolate makes the perfect gift for just about any occasion and is a gift that can fit into any budget. The hardest part will be not eating it yourself!