Choosing the Right Chocolate

Today there are so many chocolate companies and manufactures out there it’s hard to distinguish who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. Lots of big players in the market who have been around since the beginning of time totally dominate the chocolate market simply based on branding and name recognition. I don’t have to drop any names or point any fingers but I do want to make some key points about the ingredients and practices of the big companies that manufacture chocolate and chocolate products.


One thing that separates our chocolate from many and nearly all others is that everything we make is completely allergen free. We don’t process our chocolate in a place that manufactures any sort of nuts. While many other companies will make chocolate with nuts, we don’t enter that market simply because we want to ensure our customers that all of our chocolate products are completely allergen free.


In addition to remaining allergen free, our chocolates are also gluten free. We never add anything to our products as fillers. Several other companies will add gluten-containing ingredients in order to make their products cheaper. Think about it. When you can replace an expensive product with something that is much cheaper to grow, harvest and manufacture, you’re going to be able to pass those savings on to the consumer.


This is why so many people buy the chocolates of others rather than ours. Yes our chocolate products are more expensive and there is more than one reason for this. Reasons we will discuss in future posts but for now we’d like to stick with the allergen free reasons.


Wheat products are cheap and easy to produce. The government also subsidizes the grain industry. Big lobbyists inject funds into political campaigns. These funds are then returned in the form of government subsidizes. It’s a vicious cycle that not many Americans are aware of and just one example of how our food industry is completely corrupted with the help of our elected leaders.


You may ask what the big deal is about in putting wheat into chocolate products. My response is absolutely nothing as long as you don’t care about your gut health and you don’t have any gluten sensitivity. In my opinion, wheat in all forms is harmful to our bodies and should only be consumed in very limited amounts. I don’t consume wheat in my diet at all due to its inflammatory properties. Our bodies just don’t know what to do with it. Our system doesn’t know how to process it and therefore causes our bodies to not only produce fat cells, but also can trigger the onslaught of all sorts of other diseases.


If a person doesn’t read labels and isn’t careful about the ingredients in all of the foods we consume, you will end up getting wheat products in almost every thing you eat. The more you eat over time, the more repercussions you may have for doing so.


In addition, if I’m eating chocolate, I want to be eating and enjoying chocolate in its purest form. Why would I want a slew of other manmade chemicals and genetically modified “food” products in my decadent chocolate?