Chocolate is made from cocoa beans, and these beans are roasted, shelled and ground into a paste. Now this paste is mixed with sugar and cooked at high temperature to make chocolate.

Chocolate is more than just food. Its richness and rarity have secured it a special status in history. Chocolate, long ago, was a symbol of wealth, and luxury. Everyone loves chocolate. And Chocolate is still revered as an icon of love and devotion today. In early days, chocolate was handmade and being the homemade product it was very expensive and available to wealthy people only. But after industrial resolution, with the new types of machinery it becomes possible to make solid chocolates in large quantities which are affordable to general public.

Chocolates come in many forms including in power form, beverage, candy bar, and syrup form. There are also a lot of chocolate-flavored desserts and treats like cake, ice cream, pudding,-chip cookies, and milkshakes. There are different types of chocolate like dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, etc. The market of chocolate has grown very fast as one can use it in different ways. Sometimes chocolate used as a medicine also yeah, it is strange but true!! Nowadays in market, you shall also find varieties of chocolate like

– Milk Chocolate, as its name suggests, contains milk and has lovely creamy, mild, and sweet flavor. It is mostly used as an eating chocolate, rather than in cooking. However it does have its place in chocolate cookery, especially for decorations, and when a milder, creamy flavor is required. It is more sensitive to heat than dark chocolate so care must be taken when melting it.

– White Chocolate contains lower cocoa butter content and cocoa solids. It can be quite temperamental when used in cooking. Always choose a luxury white cooking chocolate to avoid problems and take great care not to overheat when melting it. White chocolate is useful also for color contrast in decoration, creating a dramatic effect when it is placed over darker backgrounds.

– Couverture is the preferred chocolate for professional use, as it retains a high gloss after melting and cooling. Nevertheless, it requires tempering and is only available from specialist suppliers. In case it can be found in individual cooking supply stores, it usually is more expensive than regular milk chocolate.

– Chocolate Glace is a chocolate-flavored cake covering which is an inferior product not used by true chocolate lovers. However, it has a high fat content, making it easier to handle when making some decorations such as curls or Laraque. In case you do not want to compromise flavor too much, but have difficulty making the decorations with pure chocolate, try adding a few squares of chocolate-flavored cake covering to a good quality chocolate.

– Chocolate Chips are available in dark, milk, and white chocolate varieties, and are used primarily for baking and as decoration materials.

– Cocoa Powder is the powder left after the cocoa butter has been pressed from the roasted and ground beans. It is unsweetened and bitter in flavor. It gives good, strong chocolate flavor when used in cooking.