An Overview of the Different Chocolate Ingredients

Chocolate is possibly one of the many vices that people all over the world have that is very hard to give up. Even those who want to seriously commit to a weight loss diet cannot just easily strike out chocolate from their diet plans. However, chocolate is not at all bad to anyone’s health so you shouldn’t be guilty when you eat some.

All kinds of chocolate can be made up of one or more components that can be obtained from cocoa beans plus other ingredients in different quantities. With the correct proportions of those ingredients, it can help in determining whether the chocolate is milk, white or dark. Compared to other types of chocolate, the dark contains more health benefits because it contains higher content of cocoa liquor.

Get to Know the Different Chocolate Ingredients

Chocolate derived from the Theobroma cacao plant’s bean. Chocolate-makers remove the bean from the pod then ferment and process the bean in order to produce cocoa liquor which eventually creates cocoa powder and cocoa butter. For dark chocolate, as said above, contains higher content of cocoa liquor with additional cocoa butter and sugar, while milk chocolate has more sugar and of course, milk. For white chocolate, it has cocoa butter, sugar and milk but no cocoa liquor present. Vanilla can also be used as flavouring.

  • Chocolate liquor are cocoa beans that are ground into a paste and it is the main ingredient in both milk and dark chocolates that supplies chocolate flavor.
  • Cocoa butter is the naturally occurring fat that is found in cocoa beans. The main purpose of cocoa butter in the chocolate is to eliminate as well as lubricate sugar particles.
  • Sugar is usually the next most common and frequent ingredient found in dark chocolate and makes up an even more substantial part of white and milk chocolates. The main purpose of sugar is to simply give sweetness to bitter cacao.
  • Milk solids can provide a smooth and creamy flavour to both white and milk chocolates. The milk solids that are added to some chocolates are treated with a fat degrading enzyme that is called as lipase, in order to control the spoilage of the fat found in the dry milk.
  • Milk fat or also known as butter fat is also an important ingredient in an American dark chocolate. Dairy fat added to the dark chocolate can act as a bloom inhibitor and also to somewhat to soften the chocolate. Thus resulting to a less brittle chocolate and melts in the mouth faster. Milk fat is less expensive when it compares to cocoa butter, so in turn, lowers the cost of chocolate as well.
  • Vanilla adds creamy and floral flavour that will complement the bitter cacao.

Chocolate is the ultimate comfort food anyone can ever have. Though there are many benefits to eating chocolate such as good for the heart and circulation, always keep in mind that eating too much is not healthy at all. Know your limits and eat in moderation, maybe have a square or two after dinner is enough.