Chocolate Cafe of Palm Springs is your resource for all things chocolate.  We have the insight on the sweets you like to eat.  If you’re sensitive to gluten, grains, have peanut allergies or simply want to avoid the crap the comes in normal every day chocolate then you definitely want to check out some of our vendors.

Allergen free chocolate isn’t something that’s easy to come buy these days.  Chocolate can have trace amounts of nuts which can be dangerous for anyone who has peanut or other nut allergies.  Soy is something we believe everyone should avoid when it comes to buying chocolate.  Many chocolates are mixed with soy and we will explore the many reasons why we believe you should avoid it in all circumstances.

We are also very big on organically grown and fairly traded chocolates.  Exploitation of cocoa growing areas is rampant and we work with only the best suppliers of the finest chocolates with the forest trade practices.  Yes our chocolates cost more.  But there’s a good reason.  Take a peak at some of the behind the scenes antics in the chocolate industry and you’ll understand why we have a conscience.

So for the real deal on all things chocolate, rely on no other source than right here.

If you have questions about our vendors or or packaging processes visit our contact page.